About Integral

Integral Capital Partners was founded in 1991 by T. Rowe Price alumns Roger B. McNamee and John A. Powell, together with the venture firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, to invest in expansion stage private companies and growth stage public companies in the information technology and life sciences industries.  Integral pioneered the concept of “crossover” or “lifecycle investing” which has been the driving force behind our investment process for the past twenty years.  In 1999, Integral Capital Partners co-founded Silver Lake Partners, a multi-billion dollar private equity fund focused on large scale, control oriented transactions in technology and related growth businesses.  Accordingly, within several of Integral’s crossover funds, we co-invested a portion of our capital in select Silver Lake private equity transactions.  For most of the past two decades and across all types of investment environments, Integral partnerships delivered superior investment returns by practicing a proven thematic investment approach, leveraging our unique strategic relationships, and capitalizing on the inherent flexibility in our structure.  Although no longer active in the public equity markets, Integral Capital Partners manages private equity portfolios on behalf of our investors.